SENTIDO is the musical adventure of a new European band of six musicians from differents musical backgrounds. His love for jazz and improvisation, along with his openness to other cultures, tutelage and guidance the sense of creating the most beautiful music.

Committed, honest, direct, full of courage and strength, SENTIDO shares his love for the craft, live music by and for the challenge and inspiration latest project.

The result is a singular miscellany, mixed, including traditional music, Flamenco, Indian sounds, jazz, and other world music in invoking fascinating melodies, intoxicating grooves and harmonies that cause intense sound so personal that brings Sense highlight the different musical sensitivity and passion of each member of the band.

The Meaning of the music we hear in this group comes from a single, a bass line, a chord, a riff battery, a melody, a voice, or what is the same, an intention, a sense, a meaning, and all direct energy exchange.

Modal music is the basis of mutual understanding of the project, but always open to share and interact, Sense is a French group to other musicians, performers from other cultures that, at certain times, wish to join the band and walk contributing.

Meaning, the atmosphere of a contemporary group emerged from the magical flavor of music.