One fundamental part of the evolution of traditional flamenco has been its fusion with other styles, for example Jazz, which has had a significant influence on the art form. Young composers such as Raúl Corredor are part of a new generation that has grown up being exposed to new approaches to harmony and instrumentation within contemporary flamenco. Pioneers such as Enrique Morente and Niño Miguel who, whilst being important innovators in their field, embraced and drew from flamenco's roots and traditions contributed greatly to flamenco's legacy. They have been and continue to be a constant source of inspiration for flamenco artists of today.

The birth of contemporary flamenco and its many fusions has been a catalyst for the creation of many groups like that of the Raúl Corredor Quintet, who's music embraces creativity and innovation. As well as the group's evident virtuosity and artistry, what stands out about their work is the daring and enlightened choices they make in their compositions, choosing harmonies and melodies that give a distinct personality to their music and that reflect flamenco's roots and essence. The music breathes, at times embracing stillness and at others bursting with the incredible rhythmical precision of percussionist Alex Otero and Bass player Serge Dacosse. These elements provide the perfect foundation for David Bastidas's pure and profound song and Adi Akiva's enchanting dancing.

Taranta solo, por RAUL CORREDOR

Alegrias FLAMENCO QUINTET, con Adi Akiva.